Monday, January 2, 2012

The Not So Trivial Nature of Trivets

A few days ago I received this interesting and informative email message, with the photos shown here, from our long time Tailgate-Music Valley dealer and friend, Carroll Swope.
“David and I are looking forward to the new Hendersonville location.
Among our wares will be a group of brass trivets with a few shown.
Today one can simply turn the stove onto high or medium; likewise the oven to 350 degrees.
With fireplace cooking the height of the trivet controlled the heat. In kitchens mostly iron trivets, broilers, and toasters were used, and these also can be very handsome objects. Brass trivets were intended for a parlor or a bedchamber.
They can also adapt swimmingly for a decoy, plant, or basket of Christmas greens.”
She followed up with this helpful hint.
“A Footnote~~~Because brass perhaps needs a bit of a cleaning, try this simple plan to make your own paste~~~Equal parts of salt, flour and vinegar. Rub paste on brass, wait 10 minutes, rub off with a soft cloth, rinse and buff.”
Thanks Carroll. Good to know.

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