Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Preview of Coming Attractions at Tailgate-Music Valley

Federal Bow Front Chest with Matching Sewing Table, Original Brass

Bird on a branch, Pie Safe Tin

Ohio dealer, Jeff Walton is no stranger to the antiques business. He’s been buying and selling since 1984. While Jeff sells a broad variety of great country items, he’s probably best known for his fine quality, handmade, pre-civil war furniture. You can be certain that Jeff knows his furniture. Prior to becoming a dealer, he taught woodworking. You’ll also find folk art, hand woven baskets, paintings, spice chests and painted boxes in his booth.
We had a conversation yesterday about what he’ll be bringing to the upcoming Tailgate-Music Valley show. He has some great pieces lined up for the show and he was nice enough to send me some photos to share with our readers. In addition, he assured me he’ll be bringing a “nice country sideboard and a good tiger maple stand”. Can’t wait to see those.
Like the rest of us, Jeff’s pleased with the show’s new location. He thinks it’s a “wonderful facility, very convenient, easy to find, has great parking”. I agree, and I’m sure you will too.

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