Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wearing two hats- Mike & Marti Korba of The Old Shed and Pure and Simple

Dealers Mike & Marti Korba are both participants in Tailgate-Music Valley as well as successful show promoters of Pure & Simple. This annual show in Kokomo, Indiana draws great dealers and large crowds of happy customers. I asked them what they have learned by being on "both sides of the fence" and what are reasonable expectations of dealers and promoters:

Promoter’s Responsibilities:
 A respect and love for the Antique business is a necessity, keeping in mind that quality Dealers represent the finished product
 Promoters spend numerous dollars and time organizing a successful Show
 In this business all you have is your word and a good reputation; say what you will do and THEN do what you say.
 The Show is only as good as the Dealers you promote; as your dealers are the total foundation in which you can build a sound and successful show year after year. It’s simple .. the promoter works for the dealers.

Dealers Responsibilities::
 Bring over the top merchandise
 Variety
 Uniqueness
 Quality
 Fair prices
 Knowledge of the wares they are selling
 Should never buy or sell anything they wouldn’t have in their own home
 Bring merchandise that is suited for the type of Show you are representing

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